The Coachella

is truly the ONE festival in your calender if you want to meet the right people, celebrate the right way, enjoy the right feeling! It reunite all our favourite celebs in one place at the same time.

No where else, stars and celebrities can feel free as here. The Coachella Festival. It is nice to see all our rolemodels and admired stars there – free as no where else, having fun with no fears and leaving the cares of Hollywood and “star-appeal-life” behind them.

No need of protection by the security army all the time, actually they can breath for a while, for a COACHELLA.
Just acting and enjoying time and life like normal people would do.

But have a look at the summer style for this season. Coachella is not just a place to take a break from everyday life. As usual you know, stars are trendsetters at the same time. So what was worn here, will be the hit in summer for your wardrobe.

Take a smart look and do it like #Kendall or #Taylor and don’t forget the CREW…

kendall taylor