What is QUALITY?

Through definition, quality is “:

a characteristic or feature that someone or something has.

Or: something that can be noticed as a part of a person or thing

Or: a high level of value or excellence” (definition)

When I thought about quality and the idiom “q-time” I connected my thoughts with perfect family pictures, with happiness, I created pictures in my head, showing the sea, friends, vacation.

Quality time meant family time to me, it meant laughing out loud with all my friends.  But time changes. Have you ever recognized, that your life changes within minutes? Sometimes life changes within seconds and you can’t do anything about it.

Life changed, time changed and instead of being with family and friends, we are with our best buddies, called smartphone, laptop, tablet, social network platform. Of course we go out with friends and than, while sitting together, we look down. Not because of our mood, we can be happy, we can be excited but there is something catching our attention. It leads our attention away from beloved ones and most worst case: It leads us away from our own.

What does quality time mean to you? Does it mean, to be addicted? Tell us your opinion about “QUALITY TIME” and your own experiences concerning you time, family and friends.
Yes it is an addiction and your lifestyle is too electronic but really not healthy, not intelligent and nothing which is good for you. People rather spend time with their phone on social media than with their partner or even themselves.

The term “quality time” is an illusion when you always sit on your phone, tablet or any gadget, focusing any game or lifes of others but not yours.

Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your life and don’t waste your quality!