Bowling with the homies. That’s what it felt like when Berlin’s finest and an international crew of industry insiders descended upon the Berolina Bowling Lounge located in the heart of the city’s famed Schöneberg district.

Although the event took place on a crisp winter night with temperatures dipping below zero, spirits were high with companies from all over the world doing their best to live up to the Big Lebowski’s impossibly low standards. White Russians were consumed en masse and bathrobes were worn miles away from the nearest bath. Even aggression had no chance up against the festive mood brought on by a little friendly competition among friends.

The talented individuals that made up the crews of Highsnobiety, PATTA, 24 KILATES, BRIGHT, Sportswear International, Muschi Kreuzberg, Firmament Berlin, Ontour, Bold PR, Fred Perry, Alpha Industries, Libertine-Libertine, Armor Lux, Kings of Indigo, Sandqvist, PUMA Select and SEEK’s very own team GIRLS GOT BALLS, battled it out to knock down as many pins as possible. Strikes and gutter balls alike could be seen up and down the alley but, at the end of the night, only one team could tower above the rest. Fittingly, Berlin’s very own Muschi Kreuzberg took the title and wore their bucket hats triumphantly as if they were crowns. It’s probably worth noting at this point that, in typical Muschi Kreuzberg fashion, the creatives behind the brand hired a professional bowling team to line ‘em up and knock ‘em down. And knock ‘em down they did. In 2nd and 3rd position, but as winners of hearts, the team from Brandpool agency in Frankfurt (aka BP Balls Club) and Dutch brand Ontour followed.

However, on this rare but wonderful occasion there were no losers, as SEEK once again managed to take people from all corners of the fashion globe and gather them under one roof. Drinks were enjoyed until early in the morning, while those late-night munchies we’re all too familiar with were provided by local barbecue joint Chicago Williams, who came through with the city’s tastiest hot dogs and nachos.

Above all, SEEK’s most intimate party yet made Berlin Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 one to remember. The bar has been set high for next season. Who knew The Dude had it in him?