Sitting at the back of the huge room of “ZEITmagazin KONFERENZ Mode & Stil”, listening to the voice of German Vogue Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp and the voice of the very well-known Imran Amed (who doesn’t know him needs to – trust me!) I can least say I was mesmirised. Listening to them talking about The Fundamental Changes in Fashion Business, I did not have any idea what we (people of Fashion Business) are going through.

All the questions changes and challenges we previously faced and have already overcame and those that we are going to face are so harsh – hearing this, apart from all the love I have for the business, for fashion, for design and for art, hearing this scared me. It is moving at a worrying speed.

Today you are here and tomorrow you are history. Social Media rules a lot and if you’re not in to it, you’re already out. But one question grabbed my attention, I suddenly focused and concentrated, I made sure that I was locked in to what was being said.

Why can’t Berlin be a major fashion métropole? The answer Imran Amed gave was a very smart one. But in between the question and the answer lay a few seconds, I felt as if there was a flash of insight, I asked myself the same question as I do a lot of the time.

I mean we are all asking ourselves, why is Berlin so far away from being a fashionable city if we compare it to cities like Paris or Milan.

I realized that I was zoned in, beside my thoughts were many other questions but that one question made me think, Berlin deserves to play a major role in fashion business. And after seconds I realized that he Is already answering that – in my view – so important question.

“It is time to create this coexisting of both.” He compared it with sports which is really smart comparison I think.

zeit-vogue-konferenz-2016“In Canada we have Baseball. You have a major league and a junor league and both need eachother to exist. That’s what we need to create for the Fashion Business.” Imran Amed


So, instead of comparing ourselves and competing with others all the time, Berlin should create its own stage, a stage of playing a role for all the other cities even if it is not a major role.

To be honest, I am not too sure if Berlin does not play a major role in Fashion Business. Fashion means movement and while most of the major league players are still acting somehow like 30 years ago, Berlin is changing from season to season and in between.

Berlin, that is the city of changes, of art, the métropole of creative thinking and working and let’s go further – living, BEING!

I think if we start to range fashion, it could become some caged, nice to watch “thing”, but the freedom will be gone. Fashion is not just something to throw over your body, it is a message, a statement, a lifestyle, I mean even your kitchen is fashion (or not, depends on you). So what could happen if we start to classify fashion (of course you can rate and critisize technical mistakes e.g.)? Could it become like the beautiful bird, which is caged and loose its happiness and of course its freedom?