And that is so true! 

When a friend told me to change my eyebrows it was not that easy to accept, that my full oriental eyebrows are not inn anymore. As one who loves risky stuff, I just risked it and put my all into the hand of a very good friend of mine.

She told me about permanent Make Up and I thought, it would be great. She made mistakes, and ruined my eyebrows and a long time I was really upset and angry about it.

I had full eyebrows and she cut them down, I should have insured them and after all I had to draw them, to hide the mistakes she did to feel good again.

I never did it before, so I had to learn new ways, how to make them look natural and beautiful and also get rid of the tattoo.

Today I wear my them thick and full again. I got rid of the tattoo through a new and to be honest painful technique and I am proud ‘cause my natural look is back and it’s inn and totally modern!

So girls, take care of your eyebrows and leave it to a real pro!

My advice for you: BOOM BOOM BROW BAR in West Village, New York City.

They ARE totally THE BEST!


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